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This past month, I was diagnosed with stage zero breast cancer. Since it is a large area, the only way to remove it (if I so choose) is through mastectomy. I just turned 33, but this isn’t my first cancer diagnosis. I’ve spent my whole life wondering “why?” Why me? Why did I have to…

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Ya know, when I had cancer that one time.

Almost sixteen years since they told me I had cancer. So that’s about how long I’ve tried not to think about it. But I’m ready now. I was fifteen years old, almost sixteen. 7/11/00. I hate when I pass by a clock and accidentally read the time. 7:11, twice a day, a cold feeling of…

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Sharks Eat Starving Artists

Beware Sharks

I published Legacy Code one year ago. I knew it would take time to write my series and find readers. So my goal was to sell 500 copies my first year. My stretch “dream” goal was 1,000 copies (based on what I read on my friend Susan Kaye Quinn’s blog last year.) It took me…

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“Won’t Give Up” – New Song

Hugh and I during Dragon Con!

This song was inspired by the Molly Fyde books by Hugh Howey. In the books, Molly searches for people she loves, and she doesn’t give up, even when other people think she can’t find what she’s searching for. (Check out Hugh Howey’s post about the song.)   I usually write and sing the songs for my own…

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Defect and A New Song: “Won’t Give Up”


Defect: Part One is out! My Legacy Code readers kept asking what happened back on Earth, so I started this prequel novella series for them. Early readers (all Legacy Code readers) seem to love it so far, and it has 18 reviews already. It’s available exclusively on Amazon and can also be read for FREE…

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Legacy Code Playlist – Era’s Songs

March 2014 NEW RELEASE, legacy code book, post-apocalyptic fiction, ya dystopian romance

I had a short playlist on Spotify that I played over and over as I wrote Legacy Code. These were the songs that reminded me of Era and her story. If you’ve already read Legacy Code, I think you might feel what I felt when you listen to these songs and think about what happened…

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Connecting with the Muse — An Interview

Chimeras by E. E. Giorgi

I’ve done a lot of research while writing books in the Legacy Code Saga, and my research led me to E. E. Giorgi’s blog. E. E. Giorgi is a scientist, author, and a photographer. Her debut novel, Chimeras, comes out April 2014. I just started reading my ARC copy, and it’s great so far. 😉…

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Legacy Code Concept Art

Awesome upcoming artist Misael Alvarado created some concept art for a scene in my book Legacy Code, and I love it! This is Zephyr on the observation deck.      Here’s the excerpt that inspired it. It’s from Chapter Two of  Legacy Code: Era approached level six, and traffic in the main stairwell slowed to a crawl.…

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Legacy Code is Published! (And Why March 9th is a Special Day)


Today is Legacy Code’s official release! You can buy it now on Amazon.com. (Click here for other places to purchase if you don’t purchase from Amazon’s US site.) Paperbacks will be available next week. Why March 9th? Okay, you probably aren’t asking yourself this question, but March 9th is a special day. It’s Era Corinth’s Earth-birthday.…

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Do you have patience?

I think most of us think we’re patient, but truly we’re not. Not at all. This is why half-finished novels languish on hard drives (guilty), diets fail after two weeks (guilty), and you play the same 16 bars of a song over and over and never finish the damn thing (not guilty. I’m looking at…

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