Legacy Code is Published! (And Why March 9th is a Special Day)


Today is Legacy Code’s official release! You can buy it now on Amazon.com.

(Click here for other places to purchase if you don’t purchase from Amazon’s US site.) Paperbacks will be available next week.

Why March 9th?

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Legacy Code: March 9th, 2014.

Okay, you probably aren’t asking yourself this question, but March 9th is a special day. It’s Era Corinth’s Earth-birthday. (She’s the main character in Legacy Code.)

At some point during Legacy Code’s revisions, I decided to find the Earth-birthdays for Era, Dritan, Zephyr, and Tadeo. I used a cool birthday personalities book to find each of their birthdays.

For those of you who have already read Legacy Code, I’m going to include the short version of Era’s birthday personality profile. Is this the Era you remember?

March 9th – Day of the Space Voyager


Intuitive, visionary, conceptual, self-sacrificing, detached,  and overstressed


Those born on this day love to examine and explore the space around them. They’re curious about everything, and aren’t satisfied until they get to the truth.

They’re idealists and nice people–they don’t like snobbery.  They often rely on their intuition–what their instincts tell them–even if it goes against what everyone else believes to be true.

March 9th people often experience conflict between their stable, nurturing side and their desire to dream and let their minds roam free. They can end up attracting a lot of responsibility, which may leave them feeling frustrated.

Once March 9th people begin to realize how powerful they can be, they experience a whole new dimension to life, but often face new difficulties.  In fact, they may reject their old life of compromise and seek something better.

If you haven’t read Legacy Code yet, check it out!  The reviews that have been coming in so far on Goodreads and Amazon have been wonderful. I can’t wait to hear what you think. 😉


(And if you’d like to see what your birthday profile looks like, you can look it up with this free tool.)


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