Legacy Code Concept Art

Awesome upcoming artist Misael Alvarado created some concept art for a scene in my book Legacy Code, and I love it!

This is Zephyr on the observation deck.   

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Legacy Code Concept Art : copyright Misael Alvarado


Here’s the excerpt that inspired it. It’s from Chapter Two of  Legacy Code:

Era approached level six, and traffic in the main stairwell slowed to a crawl. Several guards stood outside the doors, blocking the landing. One spoke into his comcuff, and the others watched the passing colonists.

These were new guards. The deep blue fabric of their suits was unfaded, and the silver infinity symbols printed on each sleeve smooth and uncracked. The Paragon Guard had grown a lot in the ten months since Era had transferred here.

Her gaze fell to the nearest guard, to the pulse gun holstered at his belt, and the hairs on the back of her neck lifted. Zephyr’s father had a few pulse guns on the bridge of the London, but she’d only seen them once. The day of the riots.

The Paragon hadn’t rioted, though. The guards here had kept the people safe.

When she’d finished crossing the landing, she let out a breath and started up the next flight of stairs. The crowd thinned as she approached the observation deck.

Era swiped her card across the scanner, and when the system verified she had free shift, the doors slid open.

Soren loomed across the horizon, the swirling dark-red clouds of its atmosphere warning of the noxious air below.

The jumpgate hung off to the side of the planet. Only half the massive metal circle was complete—extra, unused parts still moored to the work ship.

Era forced herself to look away. That thing was responsible for her father’s death. But without it, they’d never be able to open a wormhole and jump the fleet to their next destination. They’d be stuck here forever.

The fleet had jumped five times since it’d fled Earth three hundred years ago, and each jump had, quite literally, been a leap of faith. Maybe their next one would land them in a system with a new Earth. There’d be no way to know until they got there.

After each jump, the fleet had traveled for decades to find a resource-rich planet to mine so they could repair their ships and build the next jumpgate. The planets they’d found had always been uninhabitable, had always been toxic like Soren.

She glanced again at the red planet and shuddered. Thousands of colonists had died mining it. The sooner they left this place, the better.

Era scanned the deck for Zephyr. It was nearly deserted this close to the end of midbreak.

Zephyr sat on one of the worn metal benches in front of the expanse. Long red-blond hair cascaded down her back, and her hand moved rhythmically in front of her.

Era shook her head. Zephyr never would’ve used her handheld on the London’s observation deck. People would’ve swarmed her to get a look at the tech only the captain’s daughter had personal access to.

No one even blinked an eye on the Paragon. Maybe it was because they seemed to have most of the fleet’s ancient stockpile of handhelds at their disposal.

Zephyr made a fist, and a light melody began to play, her recorded vocals layered over it.

A straight line from first breath to last.
This recycled air remembers all the lies told in its past.

 Sins of the father, that’s what they say.
That’s how life goes, what we’re living today.

There’s more than this; I feel it.
Drifting through this useless existence,
Held down by artificial gravity.

Era sat on the bench and winced against the sharp pain that shot through her lower abdomen. Her pregnancy pains got worse every day.

Zephyr made a fist to shut the holo off and deactivated her eyepiece.

“I like it,” Era said. “Kinda dark, but…”

A hint of a smile crossed Zephyr’s lips. “Well, it’s not done yet.”

∞ ∞

You can hear the rest of the song here:


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