Top 10 Songs – Novel Writing Playlist (Legacy Code: SunPath)

Image credit: Mirandopolis:Birdcage District by ~gizmodus (deviantart)

I love writing to music. It keeps my inner editor quiet and I can just focus on getting the words on the page.  This is particularly important for first drafts.  I’m a third of the way through my second draft of my current work in progress, a science fiction novel. The working title is Legacy Code: SunPath (Book 1).

Legacy Code: SunPath (Book 1)

Image credit: Mirandopolis:Birdcage District by ~gizmodus (deviantart)

Image credit: Mirandopolis:Birdcage District by ~gizmodus (deviantart)

Soren may be the last human colony in the universe, but the Framework ensures humanity’s purity and survival. Everyone is assigned their place in the Framework at birth and all are cared for as long as they do their part. But far below the glittering Towers, a forgotten people live in the abandoned sub-city. There, the tunnelings struggle to survive by scavenging Framework cast-offs and the only laws are what the clans controlling each sector say they are.

Eliana, an orphaned tunneling, loses everything she has when she stumbles into a Framework resistance movement.

Gideon, the powerful Head Enforcer’s son, works to root out the resistance and hunts her while dealing with a shameful medical condition. When they meet, the strange connection that forms between them shatters lies and puts everyone and everything they care about in danger.

Top 10 Novel Writing Songs – SUNPATH

This is according to my iTunes count of how many times each song has been played on my current playlist. I really love these songs. The top five were played over 50 times in the past two months.  A few of them are older, a few are from UK top hit lists a few months back, and one is a Korean boy band. 😉

1.) Most played song: Skin – Rihanna


2.)  Watchtower –  Devlin ft Ed Sheeran


3.) Spectrum (Say My Name) (Calvin Harris remix) – Florence + The Machine


4.) Lies (Otto Knows remix) – BURNS


5.) DNA – Little Mix
Love it. And it’s plot relevant.


6.) Sweet Nothing Calvin Harris  ft. Florence Welch


7.) She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) David Guetta ft. Sia


8.) Radioactive – Imagine Dragon
Mass Effect 1 was the first Xbox game I played. I love this series.


9.) Reverie (Dash Berlin Radio Edit) – First State ft. Sarah Howells


10.) Fantastic Baby – Big Bang (DJ Galaxy remix) 
I love this video.

For my first draft of this novel, my top songs included  plenty of dance remixes, plus songs by artists like Radiohead, Imogen Heap (Frou Frou), Rihanna,  Justin Bieber, and Britney Spears. I have a pretty eclectic taste in music.

What great songs are you listening to right now?

What did you think?

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